Trade Show Entertainment -Trade Show Attraction

Fred Sharp helps companies with their Exhibition increase their visibility, lead count, sales and ROI at exhibitions.

Over the years, Fred Sharp has become a respected exhibition magician - trade show magician. With a background in business studies and foreign languages (English, French, German), he helps many companies highlight the features and benefits of their products using high-powered, attention-grabbing magical presentations. Acting as a bridge between potential clients and your sales staff, Fred uses elegant sleight-of-hand trade show magic to build a crowd around your stand. He increases the traffic to your stand by drawing in the casual browsers and turns them into active, high potential prospects. Fred creates custom magical effects for your business and also supplies magic giveaways.


He can effectively deliver your USPs, marketing message and key information about your products or services in a professional and entertaining fashion, thus maximizing your impact. This creates a lasting image that will stay with your customers long after the trade show is over, making follow-up marketing twice as efficient. His professional aisle-view magical presentation is ideal to create a buzz around your organization.

Fred Sharp can gather more qualified leads than you have ever experienced, and make your company stand out from the crowd in the competitive world of trade show marketing. Fred has worked at trade shows in many different industries including finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, education, entertainment.


"We were very pleased with your service. You worked consistently hard during the two days and definitely attracted more people to the stand which was noted by clients, contacts and NAPF personnel. The use of the cards to get key messages about PASS and our pensions practice was very well done. We would definitely use you again." Jo Maguire, Senior Manager, Assurance - PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS




Frederic offers some interesting Crowd-Stopping attractions that will draw crowds to your stand and also help you promote your brand or product. Below is one the illusions offered. The LEVITATOR, an illusion that enables anyone to float in mid-air. A great photo and promotional opportunity (since people tend to upload these photos on social media).

Other Trade Show illusions are available to show-case your company or products. Please contact Fred for further details.