How To Make Your Company Meeting Motivational, Entertaining, Inspirational, And Fun - Guaranteed!

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Creating motivational and inspiring meetings is a difficult job. How do you keep everyone attentive, alert, and receptive to your message? It isn’t easy. The fact is that most people are sick and tired of going to the same old hum drum meetings. They want something else and if you don’t give it to them, they will tune you out.

         Fred Sharp is a professional entertainer and speaker whose clients include PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Unilever, HSBC, BMW just to name a few.

Education + Entertainment = Successful Meetings

During his “Success Magic!” presentation, Fred utlilizes audience involvement, dynamic magic, and amazing mindreading as “visual aids” to illustrate a proven success System. By combining education to teach with entertainment to inspire you get an enjoyable program that has lasting impact, makes your group sit up and take notice, and refreshes them so they are more receptive to your agenda.

A truly engaging and interactive motivational programme!

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During his 45-60 minute “Success Magic!” presentation, you and your group will discover a PROVEN, easy to follow Success System that will help you achieve your goals faster than you can imagine.

         This System is based on fundamental core principles of success without any of the new age, neuro-linguini, mumbo-jumbo stuff that so many motivational speakers are now pushing, and quite frankly most people are getting a little tired of hearing.

         Check out a sampling of the exciting things you will discover during my fun and entertaining “Success Magic” presentation:

- How to reach your goals at lightning like speed

- How to unleash your inner power

- The ultimate success secret

- A secret technique that’ll help you get results faster than ever before  

- How to automatically “program” yourself for success

...and Much more!

YES!, You Can Have An Amazing Company Meeting

You and your group will be on the edge of your seats as each of the “Success Magic!” core principles are illustrated with eye-popping demonstrations of magic and mindreading. Here’s a sampling of what you’ll experience:

  • Pieces of your company’s brochure or sales material instantly and visibly transform into a pile of real money!
  • The entire audience is hypnotized into believing that their finger-tips are stuck together!
  • A prediction regarding three goals your group sets during the presentation is shown to be 100% correct!
  • The power of visualization is dramatically illustrated as you or one of your salespeople apparently reads someone else’s mind!
  • The saying “Whether you believe you can do something or cannot doing something-you’re right” is proven when a half-dollar magically ends up inside a small glass Coke bottle!

These entertaining demonstrations reinforce the success strategies revealed in the presentation. This helps your people remember the strategies, use them, and get measurable results.








Fred Sharp is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker, and his ability to ignite an audience into action with the assistance of his Magic demonstrations and teachings is remarkable. He kept the rooms attention and provided a fun and relaxing learning environment. We believe that participants left with a stronger sense of team and commitment which will inevitably lead to new ideas about communicating and partnership internally and externally to our organisation. Thank you."

The IML GROUP - Niki Brockbank