From Dubai to Bahrain or anywhere in the UAE, on a stage, on a platform, a trade show booth or right there in front of you, when he puts his corporate magic to work, Fred means “business”. As a corporate magician, he can bring UP the energy, bring IN the crowd, bring OUT your message and bring DOWN the house! Add the perfect touch of magic and class to your corporate function...

Fred's corporate magic shows add excitement and fun to your after-dinner programmes and other special events. If your corporate function needs a “hook”, Fred will engage the crowd and amaze them both as a group and individually with his close-up magic.

Magic is a very powerful tool and has great applications in the corporate arena. Corporate magicians can be used to emphasize a message to help people remember a product or a service.

Fred will work with your company to create a successful and, memorable event that besides being a lot of fun reflects positively on your organization.