When hiring a magician for a party, you should look for the following qualities and ask the following questions.

1. Quick Response: Call them and checkout their response time. If they do not contact you within 48 hours, they may not be interested or available.

2. Audience Participation: Although this is considered as a pre-requisite to become a magician, some magicians may not be comfortable with certain crowds. Explain the type of party you are planning, for example a birthday party for a ten year old, and ask them if they perform for children. These days, it is an absolute necessity for a magician to involve the audience in the act. Ask them if they do table magic. If you are hiring for a wedding, ask them if they do weddings. Although there is a first time for everything and everyone starts somewhere, but hiring someone with experience should be your priority.

3. Client Testimonials: Client testimonials can usually be found on the official website. Read the testimonials to get a general idea of the kind of shows performed by the magician. So you will know exactly what to expect, if possible arrange for meeting with the magician before you make up your mind.

4. Customized Tricks: Fred Sharp can customize his show according to the event. He can make your products appear out of nowhere (in the form of holograms), which is always a major hit at trade shows and corporate events. Ask the magician if they would be able to customize a few of their tricks to make the occasion memorable.

5. Liability Insurance: This may be needed in some cases, especially if a large space is being dedicated for the performance, and the performance includes many acts. You should not be alarmed at the sound of the word “insurance”, we are not talking about sawing a woman in half act going horribly wrong, but liability insurance is needed in some regions as a legal requirement. Magicians are well aware of where they need the insurance, and will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

6. Special Packages: Ask the magician if they offer any special packages. Most magicians have standard fixed rates based on the nature of the event and the season. Who knows you might get a discount or a sweet deal.

7. Multimedia: Some magicians rely on the good old fashioned tricks, and some rely heavily on modern technology. The best magicians use a combination of both elements. Ask them if they use multimedia for their shows. Your guests will enjoy table performances as well as elaborate on-stage performances enhanced through the use of multimedia.

Magicians can bring a different kind of energy to any event. Whether it’s a trade show, a corporate event, a variety show, a wedding, or a birthday, a magician can make the whole experience memorable. When hiring a magician, keep our suggestions in mind, ask the right questions and your choice will become much easier.

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