Table Magic and Mix and Mingle Magic

Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, dinner, or a private party, a table magician could light up your evening. Hire the right magician, and your party would definitely turn into a memorable event.

Illusions/Sleight of Hand

From card and coin tricks to mind boggling illusions, sleight of hand is the most common method used by magicians. The tricks originate from ancient times and go as far back as ancient Egypt and Rome. The sleight of hand tricks are most entertaining because the person performing the trick is right next to you, you are also involved in the trick, and yet you just can’t figure out how the close up magician did it.

Although people love to make guesses about card and coin tricks, but when a guy bends a spoon right in front of you, using nothing but the power of his mind, you are bound to be speechless. If you thought metal bending was awesome, wait till he reads your mind.

Mind reading tricks are the most famous close up magician tricks of the modern age of magic. Different table magicians have different versions of mindreading tricks but one thing is common, their answers are always correct, and the participant goes home wondering, “How did he do that?”

Stage vs. Close Up

The stage provides an ideal platform for elaborate stunts, illusions, and extravagant tricks such as disappearance acts and escape stunts. However, close up magic has a charm of its own. When someone performs a trick on the stage, you could always give credit to the trap door or a hidden mechanism, but when someone walks up to you, makes you participate, and simply blows your mind, that leaves a permanent memory.

Although stage performances have benefits of their own, table magic is up close and personal. It provides every member of the audience a chance to participate and be part of the show. Even when people are standing around enjoying their drinks and trying to come up with ways to break the awkward silence, a magician could perform mix and mingle tricks to bring everyone out of their shells. The drinks could perform the same function, but a magician could get the party started while everyone is still sober.

Close up magic and table magic is the ideal entertainment for people sitting around waiting for the next course. Mix and mingle magic is perfect during drinks reception. These performances ensure that there is never a dull moment at your party, and that each guest gets to participate in the entertainment.

The art of crowd participation in magic tricks goes all the way back to the seventeenth century street magicians, and magicians today are proudly continuing it in innovative and creative ways. The tricks have evolved with time, and you will be amazed at what entertainment magicians are capable of these days.

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