Qualities of a Great Magician

Young and aspiring magicians are always looking to hone their skills and to gain charisma and showmanship. These qualities are the first thing you notice about a magician. A magician has to interact with his audience, captivate their attention, and use tricks that use the very principles of neuroscience.

A set of unique qualities are required to become a magician, such qualities have to be acquired with a lot of effort, hard work and dedication. In this article, we will discuss qualities that can help you become a great magician.

1. Self Motivation

Ask any famous magician how they started, and they will tell you they started on their own. These individuals were self motivated to become magicians. Entertainment magic was a passion for them, so they consistently bought books and props, and practiced with their friends and family.

2. Willingness to Learn

The art of magic goes all the way back to the ancient era, so you have to be open to learn from the masters of the art. You can only get so far by teaching yourself, it is best to associate yourself with a magician. Most magicians have a team of assistants and under-studies who help them in several tricks and illusions. If you believe you have learned as much as you can from books and practice, its time you start calling practicing magicians and ask them for apprenticeship.

3. Charisma and Showmanship

There is a lot of debate whether these qualities can be learned or whether they come naturally to a person. If you think you are lacking on charisma and showmanship, taking an acting class is a good idea. If you are introverted by nature, you can create a persona and keep it separate from your personal life. Practice with friends and family, and practice in front of a mirror, soon you will have enough charisma to captivate a large audience.

4. Ability to Adapt

As much as you would like to stick to a routine you are good at, there will be times when you will have to adapt. Sometimes, magicians have to make impromptu changes to their act, that’s when the good are separated from the great. Due to the increasing popularity of magic acts at corporate events and trade shows, you may have to customize your tricks to include your clients’ products and/or slogans. If you wish to be a great magician, always think of creative ways to adapt your routine according to the clients’ requirements.

5. Versatility

Many people advocate specialization, but in the field of entertainment magic, versatility is key to success. If you limit yourself to one kind of event or show, you will soon stop learning and your act will become predictable. Therefore, it is important to be versatile, learn new tricks and do all kinds of shows and events in order to grow as a magician.

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