Employee motivation is one of the decisive factors in an organization’s overall performance. If the employees are highly motivated and driven, they will direct their efforts to achieve their individual goals, and the company would benefit. If the employees are not motivated enough, their performance level will drop and so will the company profits.

Employees who do not feel motivated at their jobs may start looking for other opportunities, and the organization could start looking at low performances as well as a high turnover. To avoid this, organizations arrange for motivational seminars which provide their employees with some much needed distraction, and help them stay motivated.

For the past few years, magic shows have been incorporated into motivational events and several mainstream magicians are being called upon to deliver motivational speeches. Usually, several speakers and guest speakers get a chance to make speeches and to do presentations in such events. A magician can be an out of the ordinary guest speaker with several motivational tricks up his sleeve.

As one speaker after another comes and goes, the participants in the meeting/event get tired and lose interest. If they are not listening attentively, the goal behind the meeting is left unachieved. When the magician comes on stage, some might recognize him/her while others may think it’s just another speaker. As soon as he pulls his first trick, everyone will be sitting at the edge of their seats attentively.

A magician can be a highly effective motivational speaker, as he can:

  • Gain everyone’s attention
  • Deliver his point through visual illustrations, illusions, and tricks
  • Deliver highly interactive content demanding for crowd participation and attention

When under stress, most people cannot absorb information; people learn the most in a fun and relaxing environment. A magician can create a fun and relaxing environment and deliver quality motivational content at the same time. As a result, people find themselves highly motivated to achieve their goals.

Fred Sharp uses team illusions, individual illusions and a thorough success system during his success magic motivational presentation. The power behind individual motivation and team work is illustrated in several tricks during the presentation.

If you are looking to hire a magician to be a guest speaker at your company’s motivational event, you should make sure he/she has past experience. You will also have to collaborate with the magician as he/she would require details about the company, the kind of products/services you deal in, the individual goals you wish your employees to achieve, and the level of motivation you demand from them.

Once you deliver all this information to the magician, you are definitely in for a treat. Many of your employees will be talking about the event months after it’s held, and all will go home motivated. Your employees will start putting in extra effort at work and you will see the overall performance of your organization improve.

If your employees are low on motivation, Fred Sharp can magically turn it around. You can contact Fred Sharp online or at +971 (0)55 239 5882 for any queries and/or booking.

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