Entertainment at a wedding is no longer limited to food and music. On your special day, not only love but magic can be in the air if you hire a professional wedding magician. You can work with your wedding planner and the magician to allocate the appropriate time of performance. We also have a few recommendations:

Step 1: Hiring the Magician

Make sure you ask the magician for prior experience of doing wedding performances. The magician you hire must be skilled when it comes to audience participation tricks, and must offer some kind of customizable trick just for your wedding. The magician must be skilled at illusions, metal bending tricks, mentalist tricks etc. You can check out the client testimonials on the magician’s website to get a general idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Step 2: Meeting and Planning

Have a meeting with your wedding planner and the magician, and discuss what would be required for the performance. Most magicians make their own arrangements, but some might require you to make sure certain things are available on the venue. Your wedding planner is an important person to have at that meeting, because they will be able to manage the performance, and will coordinate the staff. Maybe you want a trick involving some of the catering staff or the band; your wedding planner and the magician will work it out.

The best time for a wedding magician to perform is when the wedding photos are being taken. Those standing or sitting idly would find the experience enjoyable as the magician walks up to them, performs all sorts of neat tricks, and entertains them making them participate. Not only would this serve as an ice breaker for most people, it would also help kick-start a fun evening for them.

Magicians also prefer to perform during the breakfast and drinks reception, when your guests are waiting for the next course to be served. The magician can walk from table to table, performing illusions and involving the audience in the act.

While planning, make sure you do not overlap performances by the music band and/or the DJ with that of the magician.

Step 3: Executing the Plan

Now that everything has been planned, you simply have to sit back, relax, and let the big day arrive. Your wedding planner will work with the magician to make sure the performances happen as scheduled. You will most definitely receive great feedback from your guests as the magical evening comes to an end.

People go to great lengths to make their wedding day memorable. While you may not be bungee jumping off a cliff while taking your vows; your wedding will always be remembered as the wedding where the magician performed awesome tricks.

Fred Sharp is an ideal choice for a wedding magician. He is a master illusionist and has performed at hundreds of weddings internationally. His table performances are perfect for drinks receptions and breakfasts at weddings. You can contact us online or at +971 (0)55 239 5882 for further details.

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