Corporate events are an ideal place for networking and to learn newer and better tricks of the trade. People often find such events as a rewarding yet tiresome experience. The pressure of meeting and impressing important people often gets to the participants and they find themselves under a lot of stress. As a result, corporate events are full of dull moments.
Event planners anticipate this, and therefore have some sort of entertainment scheduled to alleviate the stress and lighten the mood. Music is a go to solution in this regard. Musicians are scheduled to perform on stage between presentations, and provide a much needed distraction. However, not all participants of the event will like the event planner’s choice of music, and what was supposed to be entertainment could easily turn into a disaster if most people do not like the music.
Stand up comedians are the next natural choice. Different comedians have different styles, some like to gain laughs at the expense of others, the audience may find some of them unfunny, and some of them offensive. What is a good joke for one participant may be offensive or boring to another.
With neither music nor comedy catering to the collective entertainment need of the participants of the corporate event, event planners start looking for other options. The most popular trend these days is to hire a magician for trade shows and corporate events. Magic tricks invoke the natural curiosity in all participants of the event.
Whether the magician performs on stage or up close and personal, the participants are bound to be intrigued by the performance. Professional magicians have tons of experience when it comes to performing at corporate events and know how to engage corporate employees.
As an event planner, you can organize the magic shows to be divided into three parts:

  1. Stage performance
  2. Table magic
  3. Mix and mingle magic

The stage performance can cater to a large crowd all at once. The table magic is a more up close and personal experience where the magician engages individuals sitting at each table between courses. And the mix and mingle magic is perfect for when people are just standing around socializing.
In seminars, retreats, award banquets, and conferences, these performances can help bring people out of their shells and can help make the vents pleasant. In trade shows, some of the nifty illusions can be used to promote products and attract more people to your booth.
Hiring a magician for a corporate event could help get the ball rolling when it comes to team work and communication. People open up to each other when they are in a pleasant mood, they share their thoughts and opinions, and bond over fun activities they do together. An entertainment magician can simply walk up to the participants, work his charm, and provide them an opportunity to loosen up.
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