Corporate events don’t have to be dull. Hire a magician for the next dinner, conference, get together, or any corporate event you are planning, and see how the evening is filled with fun and excitement. Event planners usually have a lot of trouble when it comes to entertainment. Usually, the company employees present at corporate events have largely varying tastes, and cannot be entertained with a single kind of entertainment.

If you are going for music, there will be people who will criticize your choice of band of DJ, if you are going for standup comedy, some may approve and some may disapprove, but no one can stay unimpressed with a skilled magician.

Magicians these days come with well thought out performances complete with illusions, audience participation, and metal bending tricks. Fred Sharp can even do a trick where you think of something, draw it on a piece of paper, and he will draw the exact same thing without ever looking at the paper. How cool is that? Even the most skeptical of your executives cannot help but be entertained by such a performance.

Entertainment magic can also help ease your coworkers and employees during training sessions. During sales meeting where hundreds may gather to attend seminars, speeches, and training, things can get stressful. A skilled magician can entertain the masses, reducing the level of stress, and providing the audience some much needed distraction while their brains process the information gained during the training sessions.

Corporate events are also a great time for networking, but some of your coworkers may not be extroverted enough to introduce themselves and meet new people. In this case, a performance by a magician may serve as the perfect icebreaker. The attendants of the corporate event will get into a pleasant mood, and will become bond with each other; this will improve team cohesiveness and communication. 

A professional magician would make it a point to include everyone in the illusions. Every guest will participate and enjoy the interactive magic. Whether people are standing around enjoying drinks in small groups, or sitting at tables waiting for their meals to be served, the magician can simply walk up to them and engage them in a memorable magical experience.

Some event planners at corporate events like to go for stage performances. The best thing about stages is that larger than life illusions can be performed at that. A skilled magician looks at a stage and immediately starts thinking of all the possibilities. You might have to work with the magician and may have to make a few arrangements, but when the magician makes someone levitate, or have a 3D illusion of your latest product appear on the stage; your efforts will be rewarded.

Some event planners hire magicians on a regular basis while others use them on occasion. If you are an event planner about to plan a corporate event, you can contact Fred Sharp online or at +971 (0)55 239 5882. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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