Corporations usually participate in trade shows and exhibitions to gather leads, to do some networking, and most important of all, to do some network marketing. However, there are some many participants in the trade shows and exhibitions nowadays that your stall/booth can easily be lost in the noise. Organizations adopt various orthodox tactics, such as having their most presentable employees represent them on such events and offering special discounts and packages just for the potential customers at the event. Some organizations like to think out of the box. To make their booth the most unique of them all, they hire celebrities, musicians, and/or magicians. In this article, we will three reasons why you should hire a magician for your next trade show/exhibition.

1. Gather a Crowd

A magician can help you gather a crowd faster than any other attraction at your booth. By engaging potential customers in a fun way, not only will he/she make people stay longer at your booth but will also help them associate your booth with fun. When people go home from the exhibition, they will most certainly remember the tricks/illusions they were part of, and as a result, will remember your brand. Their memories of your brand will be pleasant, and when they see your advertisement again, they will most likely buy your products.


2. Customized Tricks

Ask any magician who performs at corporate events, trade shows, and exhibitions and they will tell you they perform customized tricks. By customization, we mean tricks that make your products appear out of thin air, or involve the use of your brand’s slogans.

USPs, product information, and everything else about your brand can be worked into special illusions and sleight of hand tricks. The already gathered crowd will be fascinated not only by the tricks but also by your products, and you will have better sales.

Fred Sharp has many such tricks, especially where he makes company slogans appear on cards.

3. Generate Leads and Build a Database for Email Marketing

Your potential customers are more likely to leave their contact information and email addresses after they have been part of a few close-up magic tricks. These people will prove to be strong prospects and will turn out to be highly convertible upon follow up and after email marketing.

The reason being that these people showed interest in your products/services in the exhibition, and they already have pleasant memories associated with your booth thanks to the magician.

Trade shows and exhibitions have a highly convertible crowd, and can be the best place to look for prospects and business partners. With many organizations struggling to build and maintain a loyal customer base, these events present a great opportunity to interact with your target market, to develop a stronger bond with your existing clients, and to win over new ones on in a span of a few hours.

A magician can help you achieve your goals and can provide your booth with that extra something the rest of the competition will be missing.  You can contact us online or at +971 (0)55 239 5882 for any queries and/or booking.

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