The world has seen some great magicians over the past centuries. In this article, we will discuss some of the famous magicians in history.


Known as the father of modern magic, French magician Robert-Houdin discovered magic in the mid 1820s when a bookseller mistakenly gave him books about entertainment magic instead of watch making. He read the books and there was no looking back from that point on. He contacted magicians for training and guidance, practiced relentlessly, and started performing in his 200 seat theatre. Some of his famous illusions included bullet catching, two person mind reading, ethereal suspension, the marvelous orange tree, the light and heavy chest, and the portfolio. His sons were an important part of his shows, and were usually involved in tricks that required more than one person. Robert-Houdin retired after completing a government mission in Algeria, in which he effectively quenched rebellion using nothing but entertainment magic. He passed away at the age of 65 in 1871.

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini started performing magic in 1891, and gradually rose to fame for his escape acts. He was heavily inspired by Robert-Houdin, and changed his name from Ehrich Weiss to Harry Houdini. The first part of his new name was a tribute to Harry Keller, and the last part to Robert-Houdin.

With such great role models, Houdini, continued on his journey to magical stardom. He strived for a big break, which finally came in 1899 in the form of Orpheum vaudeville circuit. His ability to escape from any situation soon earned him great fame.

Several manufacturers, brewers, and business organizations would challenge him to escape from their elaborate traps, and he would come out on top. This helped organizations market their products and created a win-win situation for both parties. His greatest stunts include escaping from the Chinese water torture cell, the Mirror handcuff challenge, the buried alive stunt, the overboard box escape, and the suspended straitjacket escape.

He also made it a point to expose fraudulent claims made by self proclaimed spiritualists, psychics, mediums, and conjurers. He died of a rubtured appendix in 1926.

David Copperfield

Known as the most commercially successful magician in history, David Copperfield started performing magic at the young age of 19. He has since then performed on stage and on television. Some of his most famous illusions include walking through the Great Wall of China, levitating at the Grand Canyon, and making the Statue of Liberty disappear. He escaped from a locked cell on Alcatraz and from a burning raft before it fell through the Niagara Falls. David Copperfield is also known for combining the art of entertainment magic with storytelling, creating a captivating experience for the viewers. He has also expanded into many businesses, but magic stays the central theme behind all his ventures.

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