Magic: A Unique Combination of Art and Science

Have you ever wondered how it is that famous magicians easily make a transition into acting? Similarly, how science students can adapt to magic tricks with a little practice?

The scientists working closely with magicians on that neuroscience project we love to discuss decided to try their hands at magic, and turns out a couple of them were good enough to do weekend gigs. So how are science, art, and magic inter-related? We will discuss it in detail in this article.

As we have previously discussed, magic goes as far back as 4000 years, may be even more. It’s a unique combination of manipulation of cognitive functions and distraction. The illusions, conjurations, and neat tricks involve science, showmanship, and the ability to captivate the audience.

Some might say that showmanship and distraction is a science in itself. If a magician moves his hand in straight lines, you are bound to observe the beginning of the movement and the end; however, if he decides to move its hands in curves, you would follow the complete movement at each point.

Talking about curves, who wouldn’t be distracted by the beautiful assistants some magicians work with? Being distracted by certain objects, movements, and actions is something that’s written in our DNA, and there is no way an unsuspecting audience member could fight it.

While this school of thought has an opinion based on solid grounds; the ones that call magic an art also have valid opinions. If magic is a science, and just about anyone can do, then why is it that some magicians are better than others?

And why is it so that some amateur magicians label magic is a phase and give it up after a few failed attempts. If everyone is easily distracted by certain movements, then anyone can be a magician. However, that is not a case.

The school of thought that considers magic to be an art advocates that showmanship and charisma is not something that can be easily defined and attained. Although practice makes perfect but some people simply have more charisma than others.

There are several theories that taller people have more charisma than others and people with a certain kind of voice have more charisma than others, but then how would anyone classify Harry Houdini who was of average height, and Charlie Chaplin, who still has the most charisma even most of his work is silent (and yes, we know that Charlie Chaplin was not a magician but you get the gist).

To us, magic is a combination of arts and science. You use science and laws of nature to perform mind boggling illusions. You make it appear as if you broke the laws of Physics while using them for everyone’s entertainment. At the same time, your clothes, demeanor, actions, speech, and everything about you is designed to captivate audience attention and to make sure all eyes are on one hand while you do the trick with the other.

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