Close Up Magic

Close up or table magic has always been one of the most interesting aspects of entertainment magic. Audience participation and performance of tricks and illusions within arm’s length to the crowd has always been part of the tradition.

Street performers and magicians that travelled from town to town in the olden days used to perform mind blowing close up magic. Their magic was so entertaining that their reputation preceded them wherever they went. Even today, one can’t simply help being amazed as a magician reads minds or performs card tricks.

The best thing about close up magic is audience interaction and participation. Most people, while enjoying a magic show, like to thoroughly observe the magician on the off chance that they would catch the trick behind the illusion. We all like to make guesses how the magician did it, and wonder whether that box had a secret compartment or whether the magician has an identical twin.

With close up magic, the guessing becomes more challenging as you are part of the illusion. If the magician successfully hypnotizes you, or makes your name appear on a card, you can’t help but wonder the secret behind the trick.

Being part of a close up performance also helps you feel like part of the show. When the magician is on the stage, they are a celebrity and the focus of everyone’s attention. The spotlight is on them as they perform mind blowing illusions. Sometimes they ask for audience members from the crowd, but there is always doubt among the viewers that the audience member is in on it. With close up magic, all doubts are removed.

As the magician walks to your table, and interacts with you, you become part of the show. You, your friends and colleagues know that you are not in on it, and trying to figure out the trick while being part of it is extremely fun.

Some of the most common close up tricks have props such as:

  • Card
  • Metal rings
  • Balls
  • Ropes
  • A pen and paper

As you get to handle the magical props, you get a first hand taste of the trick. Some of the best close up tricks involve mind reading, several magicians have different versions of the trick in which they ask you to imagine a number, or object, or ask you questions as you write down answers. The magician ‘guesses’ what your answers are, writes them, or draws them in a separate piece of paper, and then you can compare. Viola, the guesses are exactly the same as your answers.

Being part of a close up magic trick can be the highlight of anyone’s evening. The growing popularity of close up and table magic has made magicians an essential part of the entertainment at weddings, private parties, corporate events and trade shows.

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