Magic: The Best Entertainment

Before you blame us for being biased, let us compare magic with other forms of entertainment. At any corporate event, tradeshow, wedding, or private party, there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to entertainment. Party planners carefully select the kind of entertainment that’s best suited for the event, taking budget, availability, venue, and crowd preferences etc. into consideration.

If you are a party planner and are looking for that perfect band to hire for musical entertainment at a party, best of luck, because you are going to need it. Some of your guests may be into pop, some into rock, some into heavy metal, and god forbid some will listen to nothing but dubstep.

You might also have a few important guests that are into jazz, and some who listen to underground bands exclusively. There is no such thing as pleasing everyone, and most people will go home thinking that everything was perfect but the band sucked.

If you hire a stand-up comedian, or a group of standup comedians, you will have an entirely different problem on your hands. Stand-up comedians usually love to joke about stuff that is politically incorrect, they may offend someone (or an entire race/religion), or they may start picking on someone from the crowd.

This is not to say that comedians are devilish creatures that suck the happiness out of their surroundings while hiding behind laughter, we are just trying to say that everyone has a different sense of humor and the stand-up comedian(s) you hire could offend some of your guests. If you ask a stand-up comedian to stay politically correct, they will end up not being funny at all, and then everyone will go home thinking that the comedy act was not up to the expected standards.

If you hire a magician, someone with the right skills and experience, you can never go wrong. There are always guests at parties and events who try to guess how the trick was performed, and constantly badger the magician with wild remarks such as “the rabbit was in your back pocket the whole time” but even those people go home thinking it was a wonderful evening.

A magician interacts with people like no other entertainer. He takes the audience on a magical journey like no other and performs illusions that make them question the very laws of Physics. We have personally seen Fred Sharp hypnotizing a whole group of people into thinking that their fingers were stuck together. Whether you wish for the magician to mix and mingle and perform close up magic, or you wish him to perform on stage, you cannot go wrong. Magic is the best entertainment of all, it’s highly affordable, and magicians know how to cast their spell on all kinds of crowds.

If you are planning a party, a corporate event, a wedding, or looking to hire entertainment for your booth at a tradeshow, contact Fred Sharp online or at +971 (0)55 239 5882. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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