How to Arrange a Magical Evening

If you have been assigned the task of arranging a private party, we have a few tips and tricks for your benefit. As a party planner you must realize that every minute spent planning and organizing saves an hour of chaos that may later be encountered. Following are a few things you should do to make your party successful:

1. Know Your Audience

In this case, ‘know your guests’ is a better phrase. You must make a checklist of

  • Who is coming?
  • What kind of food they prefer?
  • What kind of drinks they prefer?
  • What kind of entertainment they prefer?
  • What kind of venue would be most suitable for them?

In some cases, you could ask your guests about preferences before you plan anything, but this is not applicable in most cases. You will have to make some decisions based on intuition and informed guesses. An ideal solution for a party with a diverse guest list is to have diverse options for food and drinks. However, if most of your guests belong to a certain community, the choice related to food and drinks is pretty much obvious.

The theme of the party, the venue, and the entertainment, all must be aimed at pleasing the guests while staying within the budget. The theme of the party dictates the venue and entertainment, and combined together they consume the larger portion of the budget, so make sure you do your math before making up your mind.

2. Over-invite (not applicable in some cases)

If you have a hunch that a large number of guests won’t show up and your party will end up being a bust, go ahead and over-invite. This works like a charm when it comes to house parties, but is not advisable for parties held at hotels and restaurants.

If everyone you invited shows up at the house party, they can be accommodated, but if you over-invite at a restaurant party and everyone shows up, you will end up spending way more than you bargained for.

3. Hire a Magician!

We bet you saw that coming. A magician can cater to any type of crowd. From veterans and baby boomers to generation Y, a magician inspires and delivers quality entertainment to all. If you hire a band, some people will like it, if you hire a comedian, some might enjoy the performance, but if you hire a magician, absolutely everyone will enjoy their magical evening.

A magician can do close-up and table magic, and can deliver an interactive performance others can only dream of. With a musician, there is little to no crowd interaction, and with a comedian the interaction might be offensive (as some comedians like to make jokes at the crowd’s expense). With a magician, your party will stand apart from the rest and others will be impressed with your party planning skills.

Fred Sharp specializes in private parties, where he loves to perform mind reading tricks, illusions and sleight of hand tricks in an interactive manner. You can contact us online or at +971 (0)55 239 5882 for any queries and/or booking.

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